afwed.org formally began in late 2013 with a group of professional African immigrants. Our main focus was to help other aspiring professionals acculturate and understand what it takes to land their dream job, or build a career in Minnesota; everything from helping you evaluate your international degree and work experience to meeting college admission requirements, qualify for professional licensing or find a job in the U.S.to picking the right school all the way to networking your way to the right company. We are passionate about creating a one-stop, comprehensive resource that can guide individuals through each of the steps they need to take to begin, further, or change their career path. Ultimately, connecting Under-employed College Educated & All Unemployed Workers to Better Paying Jobs, Self-employment Skill-building and Networking Opportunities

Jacquie Findlay-  M.A Education

Virginia Peery - Hennepin County

Degomez Ngoma - SAP Consultant, IBM

Magnus C. Diabe MBA - Financial Services & Training Professional

Youssef B'lalMBA - AVP, VOYA Financial

Board of Directors

Lois Morris - Retired - Financial Services Executive

Elimu Kajunju - J.D. - Executive Privacy Officer

Jane Larson - Disability Services Executive

Micah T. Belleh MBACPA, Financial Services Professional

Alliette Perkins- Business Services (Accounts) Minneapolis Community & Technical College


Roseline D. Shelstad CSSB, PMP, CQPA -  Recruiter/Coordinator

Jacquie Findlay M.A. Training and Development

Joy S. Johnson  - Sales Assistant
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Is to help individuals from  low-income and immigrant communities achieve long-term socioeconomic success by developing the entrepreneurial culture; and, facilitating career advancement opportunities.

A Minnesota where all skilled individuals are no longer untapped economic potential, but a valuable source of the talent pool 

Two Main Goals 
o Remove obstacles and provide economic development participation for African women by offering a 3-Steps Business Coaching

o Facilitate career advancement opportunities by empowering New Americans to overcome cultural and language barriers to professional employment 

Helping Immigrants Since 2007
Improving Access to Better Paying Jobs

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A W E D          Accessible Workforce & Enterprise Development