Transformative Experiences for Entrepreneurs & Career Professionals: Learning to be Innovative & to Seize Market Opportunities
"Overcoming employment vulnerability and informality are key to overcoming poverty in a sustainable way."

        ` ILO
Entrepreneurial demand is high for peer-based 
learning and networking

        - Kauffman 

We recruit experience to teach and guide our brightest young talent in career and entrepreneurial development. 

The career mentoring program is designed to build knowledge, foster learning, and connect people.

Participants will receive real-world exposure they need to understand industry expectations; gaining employable skills that many employers say are hard to find in workers - which is a greater issue.

Partners - by allowing their employees to participate as mentors, coaches or presenters, they can expect to see improvement in employee morale.Companies that give back to their communities demonstrate vision and initiative that positively impacts their business. Employee volunteer programs encourage leadership development, improve professional skills and build company morale and loyalty.
By partnering with AWED, you offer your employees the chance to draw on their professional expertise as they guide a skilled new American through the transition from foreign credentialed to American work-ready in their chosen career path. Employees from our corporate partners make strong mentors, and curriculum advisory committee members; focusing on career planning, financial literacy and college preparation take on special relevance as they guide their mentees towards their educational and career goals.

AWED aims to facilitate network formation, peer learning and mentorships.

Mentors - if you're an experienced entrepreneurs, executive, banker, etc. we'll connect you with AWED clients to provide ideas for improvement, internships, networking referrals, feedback, etc.
The prominent Speaker Series & Business Seminars provide opportunities to interact with distinguished personalities on workforce and entrepreneurial development issues. Sharing visions and ideas about the pathways to career and entrepreneurial development; also, education about private equity investments.

AWED brings together key individuals in the public and private sectors to spur and accelerate economic growth in the Minnesota Diaspora and in Africa - with specific emphasis on African women entrepreneurs and the general West African community.

​​AWED is looking for volunteers for the speaker series. Please contact us with your: 
  • topic of interest
  •  availability
  • credential, etc. 

Submit your info by clicking on the contact us button or email us at afwedmn@afwed.org
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"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

 ` Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Career Coaching isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s a path to greatness.

78% of office workers agreed that career coaching helps their job performance 

64% of employees say career coaching motivates them at work