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If we all help a little, collectively- we can make a BIG difference

             - Roseline
AWED Training Center

Empowering Professional Immigrants for Self-Sufficiency and Advancement
Magnus Presenting to Wells Fargo Interns 
A W E D          Accessible Workforce & Enterprise Development
Helping Immigrants Since 2007

Who We Serve
We take pride in helping individuals from low-income and immigrant communities to help navigate the playing field. 

There are very few things in life that can give a person as much a sense of self-worth and confidence as a job. At AWED, we believe being employed is the key to independence, stability, and building a future for one's family; unfortunately not everyone has equal opportunities to seek and retain sustainable employment. We assist those in need of coaching to find employment, or those who need mentors to help guide them in the right direction. 

Our Programs
We coach people through their job search, acquisition, advancement, and retention. We pair that with a wide array of wraparound services and ongoing support. Our participants are motivated job seekers, fueled by their desire to lead new, productive lives. We meet that need with opportunity, a judgment-free approach in which we embrace the individuals who is determined to make their way and achieve their American dream.

  • Professional Immigrant Bridge to Employment (PIBE) is a special program aim at assisting college educated immigrants gain US experience, as well as develop technical language and work communications proficiency; PIBE fills in the gap through training and referral to other area programs.

  • PRO Staffing: Our first social enterprise - a transitional jobs venture in which we connect employers to qualified, diverse talents through temp, temp-to-hire and permanent job placement ourselves; after completing our one week accelerated, or four weeks job-readiness-coaching program, participants gain satisfied long-term employment and valuable experience; while our employment partners gain a trained and motivated workforce. Participants have access to ongoing coaching and job support, beyond initial job placement.

  • PRO Enterprises: Our second social venture - in which we provide quality, innovative business services at competitive pricing to African immigrant business owners. Need help, but don't have the resources to hire staff? Call Us! We have the following capabilities: answering service - we'll take your business calls for you, respond to client requests/e-mails, provide sales and marketing services, run business your errands, schedule your business meetings, make your business presentations, etc.; this program gives our participants immediate employment opportunities.

  • Women Entrepreneurship: this program focuses on immigrant women, but assists anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions gain business modeling and mentoring. 

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