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Transferable qualities that make new Americans outstanding employees and business owners:

  • Resiliency - the ability to cope with, adapt to, and overcome challenges in their new homeland

  • Globalization - knowledge of international and technical trends as it pertains to business and industries. They possess the intangible quality of an accelerated learning curve

  • Teamwork -- immigrants daily lives involve group activities. Hence,  genuine collaboration grows from mutual respect and sense of responsibility for one's clan or family member  

Accessible workforce - a bridge program: Job Training|Workplace English|Workplace  Clothes - connecting people & ideas with resources to pursue further training, professional certifications and work opportunies
A W E D          Accessible Workforce & Entrepreneurial Development
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AWED offers the following programs: 

PIBE: Professional Immigrant Bridge to Employment - facilitates integration by connecting highly skilled unemployed and underemployed individuals to jobs in growing industries, workplace language training and professional clothing drive. With us, it’s personal. That's why, we get to know you and your goals, and we guide you every step of the way - no matter where you’ve come from, or where you want to go next, AWED is here to propel you forward

African Women Entrepreneurship: designed to remove obstacles and address economic development participation for women​
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Job Assistance Clinic 
3rd Thursday of Each Month! 

Philips Family Foundation
615 First Ave. N.E.
Suite 330
Minneapolis, MN 55413

  • Resume Help (international experience resume assistance) 

  • Career Planning Questions

  • Professional Clothing Assistance

Mentor an AWED participant and help them regain their dignity by getting a job or starting a career/business. 

 Call 952-290-0948 or click here for more information

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Welcome to the Professional Immigrant Bridge to Employment program (PIBE): Tackling foreign-credential and professional employment barriers

The program assists underemployed and unemployed adults from immigrant and low-income populations in obtaining the necessary academic, employability, and technical skills through three required components — contextualized instruction, career development, and support services to work in high-demand, livable wage careers that match their skills and interests. PIBE also offers lower-level bridge coaching to prepare participants to:

  (1) advance in a career pathway and feel informed and encouraged to do so; and to gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge needed to start a business. This course includes Job Search and Career Development Workshops: prepares credentialed, job-ready NewAmericans possessing higher English language skills, with knowledge and skills to better understand the strategies, business perspective and next steps of the job search, or business ownership process in Minnesota

  Please Note: If you have a degree and work experience from another country, AWED can help you evaluate your foreign credential through World Education Services. Once your credential is matched to an American standard, we can help you with upgrading your skills, finding a job, or starting a business, please contact us for more information on how to get started. 

    (2) enter into a multi-level non credit occupational course that leads to an entry-level job   

to meet the needs of our participants, and to keep our overhead down, we conveniently conduct 1:1 and group sessions in several spaces around the Twin Cities, please see location information above.

Program Eligibility

  • May or may not be an incumbent worker

  • May be a professional with extensive work experience in another country needing to transition in a high demand occupation in Minnesota

  • Have already started a business, and need help:  getting a loan, with financial literacy, writing a business plan, finding a mentor, learning about exporting goods or services to another country, etc.

  • May or may not be an immigrant. We help anyone that meets our criteria

We're Accepting New & Gently Used: Suits, Work Bags, Shirts and Blouses for Interviews

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